Wednesday, August 5, 2009


True story.

Walked into the men's room and was standing at the big boy urinal. Door opens and somebody walks in. He saddles up to the little man urinal and starts his business.

He says, "Hey," and we exchange pleasantries. He says, "I've been meaning to send you an e-mail, but then I saw you walk in here and I thought 'I've got to go too; I'll just talk to him about it at the urinal.'"


I'm not sure how I feel about this. Is it really OK to talk shop while you're partially exposed?

Is this the beginning of a trend? I mean, if me and a colleague show up to meet and we discover that we both of us have a need to make a #2, do we just file into the men's room, head to our respective stalls and conduct the meeting through the partition?"

Productivity up? Yes. Dignity? Way down.


  1. sheldon melvin talks to you when you're shitting. no joke.
    here's an interesting story of a kentucky bred heathen who knows no bathroom etiquette boundaries:
    i was washing my hands in the 3rd floor bathroom when shelley walked in. he noticed someone using the peter brady stall, looked down and noticed his shoes, then announced to the entire bathroom that "dave estrada's takin' a shit." (insert awkward pause/sheldon's proud moment) then dave says, defeated, "hey sheldon."

  2. In another life, I used to work at Ogilvy NY and the ECD would expect people to follow him in there while he did his dooky. He'd talk to them through the stall. At one point he had a line of guys, who didn't even need to be in there, waiting to talk to him while he did his bidness. Not pretty.

  3. I've heard many deals get closed in the bathrooms. How? PeeMail. This is a female excluded, good ole' boys ritual, where a complete transaction is agreed upon before the pants get zipped back up.

  4. This may seem strange to you, but women do this ALL the TIME. We go into the stall and gossip, talk shop, muse about the weather. In tandem. Through the stall doors. It's the most natural thing in the world actually.

    PS. Why can't I sign in with my Posterous account on here?

  5. The correct response to this would be: "Please don't talk to me while I'm at the urinal. I can only handle one dick at a time."

  6. ...and mr. harris wins with a zinger!