Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Found your pen

A regular reader sent this photo with the following note:

"This pen has been on this urinal in the 4th floor men's room for the past 3 days. Why hasn't it been claimed? Why was it left there in the first place? Who the hell knows."

Many good questions, dear reader. Perhaps a co-worker has left it there to marinate for a few days and will return to claim it. (Note to self: don't absentmindedly chew on pens found in co-worker's offices.)

But in the meantime...bonus points to the person who can knock it into the urinal using only their stream!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A seated vacation

Yes, it sucks to be at the office on a holiday.

But a fellow pooper has made the party more pleasant by leaving his copy of Travel & Leisure next to the toilet in the penthouse stall. And he even left it a respectable distance from the crapper* to make sure that it wasn't tainted by backsplash or dribbles.

No, I didn't pick it up. I have too much self-respect for that. But the picture on the cover was nice and reminded me that somewhere, someone is sitting on a beach, enjoying a nice frosty alcoholic beverage.

* I originally typed the word "commode" here, which I believed to be a synonym for "toilet." However, the interweb just schooled me that a commode is, more accurately, a piece of awesome bathroom furniture. And with that, my 2010 Christmas list just got a new number one.

Monday, February 1, 2010

...and a side of asbestos, please.

As if there weren’t already plenty that makes third floor men’s room the worst men’s room in the building, it appears that a heretofore unnoticed air vent is belching asbestos into the far right sink.

It’s a powdery gray material. I’d almost be willing to guess that it’s dryer lint--but I can’t believe that the dryer in the basement vents out over the third floor men’s room sink. Although, that might explain the rain forest-like climate in there.

Just what we all wanted in a quality bathroom experience--cancer falling from the sky.