Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Found your pen

A regular reader sent this photo with the following note:

"This pen has been on this urinal in the 4th floor men's room for the past 3 days. Why hasn't it been claimed? Why was it left there in the first place? Who the hell knows."

Many good questions, dear reader. Perhaps a co-worker has left it there to marinate for a few days and will return to claim it. (Note to self: don't absentmindedly chew on pens found in co-worker's offices.)

But in the meantime...bonus points to the person who can knock it into the urinal using only their stream!


  1. UPDATE: The pen is still there! News reports suggest that the actual tally may be EIGHT DAYS and counting.

  2. Yeah, this was really grossing me out, so I put a stack of paper towels in my hand and gingerly carried the pen to the garbage.