Thursday, September 3, 2009

The saddest stick-up ever

You have to applaud a co-worker who takes matters into his own hands. Evidence suggests that a gentleman on the fifth floor did just that.

In both the penthouse and the Peter Brady stalls, low on the stall walls, are two stick-up air fresheners.

As far as I can tell, this is an anomaly unique to the fifth floor men’s room. They are clearly not standard-issue.

In other words, at some point in the past, some fifth floor fellow said to himself, “This place does not smell as good as it should. I’m going to use some of my own money to purchase something that will make it smell better.”

The key here is “in the past”...because these two little stick-ups have maintained their silent vigil for more than a year. Any air-freshening properties they once possessed are long gone. All that is left is the sad little plastic disks, reminding us that once upon a time, one man dared to dream of a better world.


  1. First of all, I love your blog. Well done, sir. Now I would like to share a lesson I learned almost too painfully a couple weeks ago. I have a friend, and we text back and forth about our movements. He has a friend who texts him pictures of his...masterpieces. I originally thought this was horribly wrong, but then one day I myself created a "masterpiece." I took a picture and was about to text it to him when my phone froze...and unfortunately the "Email to Contact" option is right next to "Post to FaceBook." I tried to cancel it but was not confident the request had been honored. The next 10 minutes were the scariest of my life, as I frantically sat by my computer to make sure there wasn't a picture of the toilet-berg in my Mobile Uploads album. Thankfully it did not make it through. It was lost somewhere in cyberspace. I learned my lesson: Your bathroom doings are just that, YOURS. Not to be shared. The gods smiled on me that day.

  2. Dear Potty Blogger!

    A buddy just turned me on to your blog. I guess I wax poetically about the same sort of stuff a bit frequently, and my buddy thought I might enjoy your literature.

    He was right. Boy howdy yeah!

    Your prose reeks of sheer genius. Keep up the awesome, awesome work.