Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Short toots

* Thanks to the mobile phone force member who texted Potty Blogger to let him know that a pair of dirty bike shorts were on the floor of the fourth floor men's room. (The tag in said shorts says "child's medium," suggesting that they belong to a certain partner whose name is on the building.)

* The big stall? You can call it "corner office" if you'd like, but we refer to it as "the penthouse" on this blog. Vive la difference!

* To the serial "chocolate sprinkler" who seems to be a new regular in third floor penthouse stall--we admire the precision of your craft. It's almost like you are gluing individual nuggets by hand, but of course that can't be the case. Can it?

* "Weak Tea" - a turdlet that has been left to brew in an otherwise clean bowl. (Full turds and a longer soak can lead to "strong coffee.")

* Remember to give a quick look, men. When you stand up, if any part of the seat is smudged with a brown substance, it's probably not chocolate cake. Do the next guy a favor and wipe down gym equipment for the next guy, OK?

* Thanks to the reader who recently recounted the tale of a friend whose "square fart" could not escape his round anus and had to be manually dissipated by an emergency room doctor. I don't know if this is true or what it has to do with the men's rooms at 720 California, but it's a magnificent story.

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