Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Good morning, norovirus!

The first all-agency email of the day?

good morning.
hot water is off in all the bathroom sinks at 720.   kitchens and shower are still good to go.
we should be back online as early as tomorrow.
sorry for any inconvenience.

Yeah, hot water in the bathroom probably isn't all that important, is it? And directing people to rinse the urine and fecal residue off in the kitchen sink, a mere inches away from the surface where you'll be slathering up that peanut butter sandwich? That seems like a wonderful idea!

I've missed this level of hygiene.

Today, potty blogger will be washing his hands in the e-level shower, friends. 

1 comment:

  1. Just received an email update that the hot water will be out for 10 DAYS.

    A new water heater is coming from TENNESSEE. Because...California is out of water heaters?

    Potty blogger predicts that before the 10 days are up, this place is going to be as foul as a Carnival Cruise.